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Fast Facts about SAE

223 total chapters + 19 colonies = 242 total groups

Approximately 11,000 undergraduates

Average chapter size, including pledges and actives, is 52 men.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon has initiated more than 300,000 men in total.

The Fraternity’s largest chapters are located at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, with 184 members, and the University of Texas at Austin, with 176 members.

There are approximately 190,000 living alumni in the Fraternity. The average colony size is 30 men, and the average colony GPA is 3.1.



March 9, 1856; University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. Known as the True Gentleman fraternity. First greek social fraternity founded in the deep south. Web site www.sae.net. Headquartered in Evanston (Chicago), Illinois at the Levere Memorial Temple.



The Fraternity resides on college and university campuses, as a guest of the host institution. The current structure, as of spring 2013, includes more than 11,000 undergraduates at more than 223 chapters and 19 colonies in 47 states and Canada. 


Governance Structure

The organization is governed through a five-person executive board (Supreme Council) that is elected at biennial conventions. An executive director (Eminent Supreme Recorder) supervises a staff of approximately 28 at the Fraternity Service Center in Evanston, Illinois, and eight regional directors. The United States and Canada are divided into 29 regions (provinces) overseen by regional volunteers called province archons. Each chapter is required to have an active chapter adviser.