Updates From The Undergraduates

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39 new SAE members.

We're excited to announce that we've welcomed 39 new members into our chapter this semester and four of our undergraduate brothers attended the National Leadership School this August. 

Congratulations to the following new members of our Chapter:

Thomas Achille 
Matthew Anderson 
Mike Berry 
Parker Blin
Parker Blin 
Jacob Boone
Robert Byrd 
Rex Carter 
William Chandler 
Daniel Geoffroy 
Andrew Gung 
Coby Haasis 
Will Hair 
Edward Hennelly 
Tristan Jenkins
Tanner Jenkins 
Kolby Karesh 
George Kerrison
Peyton Kinman
Greyson Krone
Patrick Layson
Thomas Mathis
Thomas Mathis
Thomas Mattinlgy 
James Mckenna 
Robert Myers
Charles Nastopoulos 
Sam Palmer
Thomas Price 
Robert Price 
Thomas Pritchard 
Luke Rankin 
Elliott Reid 
Walker Ross 
Sloan Russell 
Daniel Schneider 
Davis Sofarelli
John Taylor 
Zachary Trafton 
Jackson Warren 
Russell Weinstein


Bernie Herbkersman, George Carter Loizou, Thomas Lister, and Harrison Parvey at the National Leadership School in August