The SAE Experience Never Ends

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A lot of people think being in a fraternity is an experience that begins and ends with college. And, as we know, perceptions of fraternity life are shaped, in large part, by movies, headlines, and social media. But, as many of our brothers have testified, the SAE experience stays with you long after graduation. We're relying on your contribution this year to help us continue to provide that same experience for future generations of brothers.

The more time that passes since graduating from USC, the more we appreciate the true fraternity experience, including the lifelong meaning of brotherhood - our brothers by our side to celebrate life's happiest milestones and to lean on in times of adversity, and living out our shared values in everyday life.

These are the reasons our fraternity means so much to us. It's also why we reach out to you for support as we kickoff our 2016-17 giving year. Your contribution, no matter how large or small, makes a difference, and achieving our goals for the year depends on you. 

Our college days came and went, but the real SAE experience never ends. If you cherish the lasting friendships, if you appreciate the values that shaped your life, click here to make your contribution now.