How Would Your Life be Different?

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Edward said, "SAE provided me with an enjoyable college experience and many lifelong friends around South Carolina. I am so proud to say that I am a member and was EA of Delta in 1951." He added that he's still practicing law after 63 years and enjoying life in Camden. He and his wife, Helen, have been married for 63 years and have four daughters, 12 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren. 

Andy said, "Had I not joined SAE, I would have missed out on many friends from SAE as well as KA." Andy is currently retired and has three grandchildren he's enjoying spending time with. 

Trey also said that the lifelong friends SAE provided him made a huge difference in the quality of his life. "The most glaring way in which my life would be different is that I wouldn't have the group of friends that I made during my four years as a member of SAE. They were my pledge brothers and my fraternity brothers, and since then, they've been my groomsmen and ever present 'uncles' to my own son," he said. Trey and his wife, AnneMarie welcomed their first child, Graham, in April of this year. They currently live in Greenville, SC.

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