Top Reasons to Donate to SC Delta

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Have you ever wondered where your donation to SC Delta’s annual fund goes and whether you’re making a worthwhile investment? The answer is quite simple—it support our vital efforts to stay connected in our alumni years, but it could be supporting more, like house renovations and alumni events, with your help!

Here’s what your donation is currently supporting:

  • The Delta Drummer newsletter
    The chapter’s alumni newsletter, Delta Drummer, is published annually to provide information about your alumni brothers and the active chapter that you are unlikely to find elsewhere. The newsletter includes alumni spotlights, photos, and more so you can stay in the loop! It’s also where we recognize our loyal donors. Without your support, though, we can’t continue to fund our newsletters.
  • The alumni website
    Our website ( is dedicated to keeping you better connected to your fellow brothers. The site includes an online directory of members so you can find the best available contact information for your SC Delta brothers. Not to mention, it has photo albums where you can share your priceless photos from your SAE days, as well as an online platform where you can share status updates and start a conversation!

If we receive donations beyond the cost of our communications program, here are just a few of the ways your money would be put to use:

  • Our beloved chapter house
    Our chapter house at 509 Lincoln Street has been—and always will be—one of our most valuable assets. After all, it’s the place where active members forge new friendships and where alumni celebrate enduring ones! But continued maintenance is required to ensure it remains a safe, comfortable space for years to come.
  • Boost recruitment efforts of active chapter
    A strong annual fund that can ultimately support more items (like house renovations, scholarships, and more) will help us remain competitive on campus. Without strong backing from our alumni, we won’t be able to offer potential new members the support that other fraternities do. With your help, we can continue to attract the best students at South Carolina.
  • Alumni Events
    The annual fund supports annual alumni events, where you can reconnect with brothers!

If you want to ensure our legacy on campus, please make a gift today!