Housing Update

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During the Chapter Executive Planning Meeting in August, Courtney Leavitt gave a presentation reporting on all of the work and repairs that were done to the house over the summer as well as the current house expenses. The following is a summarized list of what was reported:

  • The mold problem and ventilation ducts were fixed at a cost of about $22,000
  • High-top tables and chairs were purchased as well as kitchen tables and chairs
  • New Kitchen appliances were installed, at a cost of $15,000; ovens and stove top to better serve members
  • New water fountains installed
  • Rocking chairs were added
  • Back porch furniture was added
  • The mortgage balance is now $550,000, a significant reduction
  • Expenses are $160,000 per semester
  • The house corporation breaks even with 62 members
  • The meal plan brings in $172,000 per semester (which is why all members must participate in the plan to pay meals and the mortgage)

*These repairs and expenses are all paid for with your annual fund donations. Keeping up with repairs and maintenance with your gifts, will help your current and future SC Delta chapter brothers have a place to live and be proud of during their college years.