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We Like To Know What Our Brothers Have Been Up To

It's always good to keep your friends informed about your current life situation. Your SC Delta brothers definitely like to see that you are all healthy, happy and successful. Check back to the website often to the Alumni Updates section to see who has left us a note and while you are there, drop us a line of your own. Here are three recent additions;


Frank Robinson '62
Frank is an attorney with the Richardson, Plowden, Carpenter & Robinson firm in Columbia. He served in the US Navy as a LCDR from 1962 to 1964. His practice includes Business and Commercial Law and Real Estate. He earned his JD in 1968 from Carolina.








George Smith '16
George is now a Revenue Specialist with Cortland Partners in Atlanta. He attended the Lovett School and while at Carolina he received Deans List recognition during all 4 of his collegiate years. He served on the chapter's judicial committee.







Ray Messemer '79

I met my wife through SAE in the fall of 1974 during rush. Her roommate was a Little Sister to us, and my wife eventually became a Little Sister herself. We started dating within a month of meeting, were married in August 1976 and are still married with 2 children and 7 grands (8th due June 28th).