Have You Made Your Gift?

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Your Loyalty Makes All the Difference

Thanks to the generosity of those who have donated to the 2017-18 Annual Fund, SC Delta Chapter might just be able to hit our dollar goal for the year but we are not there yet. With 42 donors and $3,759 raised so far (as of June 9), we are pretty close and with a few months still left to go, if we pull together, we could make it!

But we can’t lose momentum—SC Delta still needs you to act. Click HERE to make your donation while there is still time and get your name on the Honor Roll.

At 42 donors so far, there is still a lot of ground to cover to reach the overall goal of 100 donors. This number is critical to the continued engagement, success, and overall strength of our chapter.

It takes a special kind of brother to make more than just a symbolic commitment to our brotherhood—to go the extra mile by making a financial commitment, too, no matter how big or small.

Thank you to the following brothers who have given to the Annual Fund so far. Through your generosity, you have also shown us your loyalty.

The Phoenix Level ($150 - $249.99)
Jarrett Davis 1950
Daniel Peach 1953
Thomas Rowland 1955
Thomas Muzekari 1962
Harry Osteen 1963
W. Linning 1964
Richard Toohey 1968
William McLain 1970
The Minerva Society ($100 - $149.99)
Edward Royall 1951
Shannon Weston 1958
Julian Adams 1959
Kenneth Anderson 1962
William Boyd 1962
John Timmerman 1963
William Cowan 1964
Jimmy Blake 1968
William Britton 1970
Thomas Harvey 1971
Mack Whittle 1971
James Rainero 1972
Mitchell Sherwood 1979
Hudnall Paschal 1981
Ted Camp 1982
John Margeson 1984
Thomas DeJarnette 1993
Jacob Mann 1999
Taylor Anderson 2015
The Violet Club ($50 - $99.99)
John Graybill 1949
Herbert Varn 1958
J Petty 1975
Robert Vassy 1975
Edward Rutledge 1976
Joseph Bridgers 1977
William Freeman 1978
Tommy Nelson 1978
James Simpson 1981
Robert Elrod 1985
Simon Lemmy 1992
Delta Supporter ($25 - $49.99)
J. Wilson 1946
Charles Osborne 1965
Alfred Gantt 1968
Jeffrey Steele 1974
Roderick Wilson 1976
James Solesbee 1978
Gregory Crabb 2001