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Lewis Cromer '57, Columbia, SC

Widely recognized as one of the best trial lawyers in the Southeast, Lewis Cromer has handled hundreds of jury trials and held state and national leadership positions in many of the distinguished associations and organizations of his profession during his 50-year career.

In February 2009, as a tribute to Cromer's precedent-setting work in the past and his ongoing efforts on behalf of the legal profession, the public's right to jury trial and his clients, the Southern Trial Lawyers Association presented Cromer with its prestigious War Horse Award. This award is given to members who are not only great courtroom advocates but who also give of their time, effort, energy and money to organizations such as ABOTA and their state trial lawyers associations. The award recognizes Cromer as a top courtroom advocate, leader in the trial bar, a contributor to the teaching of trial advocacy through seminars and educational programs and a true character of his time.

Indeed, since his days at Clemson and the University of South Carolina, where he became the only person to receive an award for best speaker in the student body of both schools, Cromer has distinguished himself as an advocate and a leader. Over the years, his work on behalf of clients has earned him dozens of awards and recognitions, especially in the area of employment law, where he has successfully sued state agencies, large corporations and others, winning six-figure verdicts for clients in a number of cases.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he received several large verdicts and settlements for cases brought under the South Carolina Whistleblower's Protection Act, which resulted in legislative action restricting the state=s liability in such cases. The bill was, and is, known as "The Cromer Amendment." Several of his appellate cases are often quoted as precedential landmarks in that area of the law.

Lewis Cromer graduated from the University of South Carolina's School of Law in 1959 and was admitted to the South Carolina Bar that same year. The senior partner in the law firm of Cromer and Mabry, he practices law in Columbia, where he has spent his entire career, representing clients in the areas of employment law, governmental law, communications law and legal malpractice.

He is married to his college sweetheart, Carolyn, and has a son, Bubba Cromer, who served in the S.C. Legislature for many years and was the Reading Clerk of the House of Representatives, current attorney with Cromer Law Offices, and a successful film producer, and a daughter, Chelle Epps, who is a deputy registrar in the Richland County Voter Registration Office. She and her husband, Brett, have two children, Caroline and Brett Jr.