Survey Results

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A Few Brothers Have Spoken.

You answered five brief questions in a survey last month. Here is what you said:

What is your fondest memory of being part of Sigma Alpha Epsilon?

  • Friends made.
  • The everlasting friendships
  • Friendships
  • The brotherhood. It created a great atmosphere. For meeting lifelong friends
  • Participating in the social functions
  • All sports trophy. Participating in all kinds of events to bring home to the SAE House.
  • Making friends
  • Mountian Weekend, Pledge Mixers, and Football tailgates
  • New friends and social life
  • My favorite memory is when coach Frank Martin came to our house and thanked us for supporting the men's basketball team.
  • Living in the old SAE "house", on the USC Fraternity Quadrangle, bt. Blossom St. and the Russell House

What are the top 3 things you gained from your Sigma Alpha Epsilon experience?

  • Don't break the law when you're breaking the law. Lifetime friends, Great memories.
  • Friendships (Brotherhood), my best memories, and how to be the perfect gentleman of course
  • Friends, new places and survival
  • Confidence, Maturity, Social skills
  • Friends, music and just hanging out
  • 1) lifetime friends 2) learned how to network 3) how to properly represent a group or organization - dress properly and maintain a clean-cut appearance
  • Life long friendships, Learning to live with others, Growing up with guys just like me
  • Friends I'd never have otherwise known, Better bridge player. (I'm old).
  • Brotherhood, Networking, and Loyalty
  • Friendship, Leadership, Community
  • 1) Best friends 2) Connections 3) Amenities
  • Enduring bonds with the brothers; contributing to chapter leadership; opportunity to visit 1856 Sheridan Road and becoming more aware of SAE at the National level

How would your life be different today if you had never joined Sigma Alpha Epsilon?

  • I wouldn't have those great old friends.
  • Cannot imagine my life now without the years in SAE
  • Not as good
  • I would not have made lifelong friends in large numbers
  • I probably wouldn't have the confidence I have today to tackle tough projects and handle adversity.
  • I would have missed out on some very good friendships
  • I don't know. Friends I made helped shape my life. Who knows how things would have turned out without them?
  • Less socializing, fewer friends
  • Not as many friends, lack of leadership abilities
  • I would not have the network and friendships that I have now.

Share an update (family, career, hobbies, other interesting news) for possible publication in an upcoming mailing.

  • Retired and have lived in Hawaii for the past 23 years.
  • Retired 
  • Married with 2 children. Territory Manager for Align Technology - the makers of Invisalign.
  • I am working with MassMutual.

As an alumni association, we strive to keep you connected with the SC Delta chapter long after graduation. What could we do to encourage you to become more active in the association? Perhaps by hosting more fun events? Any other advice?

  • Finally, have diversity in membership. It's 2019!
  • Host many more events and get new people involved I think younger past alumni ages 30-40 would be much more successful in recruiting much more alumni involvement and relate much more to the current members.
  • Communication is the key I look forward to being more active with other members
  • For me personally, I would like to see an effort made to be more inclusive. SAE got a black eye over some past student behavior. 
  • More events like golf tournaments
  • Offer volunteer opportunities.
  • Organize occasional SC Delta alumni events in the DC/Northern Va/Maryland area, or collaborate with such events for all Province Omicron alums in the area.

Thank you for sharing your memories and your opinions. Your words mean something to us, brothers. We have heard you and will act on your advice.

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